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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 3, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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sherlock napolitano. [ laughing ] >> sean: that's all the time we have left. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. greta is next on the record. >> greta: this is a fox news alert. federal authorities have a person of interest in saturday's botched times square car bombing. the person of interest is a naturalized u.s. citizen who authorities say recently returned from a trip to pakistan. the person was in pakistan for several months. the hunt continues for the person or persons responsible for the failed terrorist attack. we have a report on this breaking news story minutes away. first, from coast-to-coast, protests exploding about arizona's illegal immigration law. >> gentlemen we can! -- yes we can!
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yes we can! >> greta: protesters hit the streets in washington, los angeles, chicago, dallas, phoenix and santa cruz, california where some of the protests get violent. you can see people smashing windows. protesters say arizona's new law could lead to racial profiling. arizona says if the feds won't fight illegal immigration we'll do it ourselves. here's an exam of danger on the frontlines in arizona a deputy sheriff shot during a shootout with five drug smugglers. i county sheriff joins us -- the pinal sheriff joins us live. good evening. how is your deputy? >> he's fine. he's strong and disciplined. he was released from the hospital. one gunshot on his side was more of a grazing shot. this is after 20 to 30 ak-47
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rounds were fired in his direction these five smugglers were trying to kill this deputy of ours. >> greta: what happened? >> he was out there found, some backpacks of marijuana and other suspicious activity this is a known corridor for smuggling not only of drugs but of illegals. he radioed back to dispatch to call for support. he continued to track the direction because he's highly skilled as a search-and-rescue deputy. as he was pursuing these five he didn't have them in sight yet. they realized somebody was tracking them. so they left the rear guard behind and took cover and concealment as our deputy approached. this last suspect who was armed with an ak-47 popped up and started shooting at our deputy who was in uniform. they clearly knew he was an officer of the law. our deputy engaged.
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he had not only his handgun that he emptied the magazine he had his ar-15 a semi-automatic rifle we often carry and he returned fire that's when he was he believe he hit one of the five suspects. there was two ak-47's and guns. >> greta: where was he struck? >> he was struck in the left side. it was a grazing wound. it looked worse than it was. i've seen him as he called out. we had all responded over 200 officers responded to set up a perimeter. we inserted a helicopter because this was in a remote area of western pinal county on the border with maricopa, that's most concerning this is deep into our state here we have paramilitary squad operating much like the tax ticks of those that we use in the military -- like the tax ticks of those we use in the military this gun battle went
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on for over 10 minutes. for them to take this kind of aggressive posture we are seeing more in arizona this is really part of what is happening out here. i can tell you, this area that we cordoned off, we apprehended 17 individuals all illegals. the border patrol apprehended over 100. in is just at that period of time. so show all of our citizens what we are having to deal with. >> greta: sheriff, was he alone? you don't mention anybody else. >> yes, he was alone, at that time. >> greta: why? in the streets of d.c. is different than the desert of arizona officers work in tandem because of great danger. i'm surprised to hear a deputy sheriff would be alone. >> we haven't seen this type of aggressive posture against law enforcement before in our
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county this is where it has reached a level that it is concerning. not only to be out-gunned the fact they would ambush a deputy. this hasn't happened before. now i've given direction to all of my deputies if they are out new remote areas doing tracking, such as this, there's at least two deputies. always to be highly armed with their ar-15 as well as their side arm. and for us to have other deputies in the area. this was highly unusual. we're not a border county. we are several counties away. we are the last county before, which 80% of all the illegals who come into arizona have to cross through our county. this is what is most concerning in that we in law enforcement now we have been calling for senator mccain, senator kyle for their plan to deploy 3,000 soldiers immediately to secure our border with mexico. >> greta: i take it no one has been realized yet is that
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right? >> the 17 we apprehended, three match the description the deputy gave us. we have others that have given us information that also ties certain individuals and give the same description that he gave. so, the investigation is ongoing, it is not complete. we thank god that our deputy is alive and is safe. >> greta: indeed. sheriff, thank you, good luck, sir. >> thanks greta. >> greta: now you go to the heart of the illegal immigration protest right here in washington, d.c. where a congressman was arrested. crowds marched to the white house. griff jenkins was there. >> want them to stop what they are doing in arizona. i want them to know that we are all human beings. and we are america! >> we are very proud of you. we are fighters!
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>> stop separating our families. >> stand up and say something! >> we are angry. we want to stop, immigrant rights, civil rights. >> reporter: several people are making their way across the park to the white house where they are going to be arrested. this is the scene in front of the white house. a few thousand people turned out. [ inaudible ] they say deport me. leading movement here -- gutierrez of illinois, a fellow politician. [ inaudible ] this is just the beginning. >> we will not stop. we will not rest. we will not go away we will never be defeated.
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i'm ready to give up my own personal free do i'm ready to put in jeopardy my own personal liberty so others can be free and live in this great nation of america with equality and with dignity and with equity, the same way i do. >> youth just wants the dream of immigration reform. >> we don't want to have another hitler. he's acting like a hitler in this country. stop, stop, stop! >> greta: in two minutes the latest breaking news about the times square terror attempt. everyone wants to know who tried to blow up a bomb in the heart of manhattan? the latest is next.
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>> would you sit through the iranian president's united nations speech or would you walk out? we'll tell you who stayed throughout the entire speech. ambassador bolton coming up. >> did you know who justin bieber is? do you know what he has to do with kim kardashian and on the record? you will never guess. we'll show you what we mean, coming up. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sisr'neighborhood. i told y it waserfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it befe they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move.
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>> greta: federal anothers have a person of interest in the hunt for whoever tried to set off a car bomb in a crowded times square in new york city. authorities say the person of interest recently returned from pakistan. joining us live is fox news correspondent katherine herridge. i recently returned from pakistan. i got that from you. >> reporter: basically what we have is a picture merging they have identified a person of interest. naturalized american citizen
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who was traveling overseas in pakistan and recently returned to the united states. >> greta: what is recently? >> >> reporter: we don't have a timeframe on recently yet. they are looking at a series of overseas calls related to a small pool of suspects. we were told there is one call overseas that has piqueed their interest. where that fits into the possible overseas connection isn't clear. something interesting happened this afternoon 3:00 eastern it seemed like the tide began to shift. the word we from senior administration officials is based on evidence they've collected so far in the last 48 hours, it was moving towards an overseas or international connection. it wasn't firm at this point. >> greta: the suv must be like a treasure trove of clues. because it wasn't destroyed. >> reporter: that's right. if you put together a bomb and it does not go off, you're in a very bad place. for a number of reasons. there's a wealth of evidence.
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i was told they were able to recover through these ert's or evidence response teams, dna, hair sample . late this afternoon they were waiting for a read out of the come s -- components. i was lead to believe things would move quickly in the next couple of days. >> greta: i remember in the bombing at the -- in atlanta a few years back mr. rudolph used a bunch of nails and they tracked down where the nails were sold. they reversed engineered this bomb. >> reporter: they will do that we confirmed they've identified the seller of the vehicle. the vehicle was sold about three weeks ago for cash. the person who sole the vehicle is not a suspect in the case. what we don't know is whether the person who bought that vehicle is the same person who is identified as the person of interest. what struck me in my reporting today is that investigative sources said that it seemed clear, based on the ed so far
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that the person or persons involved in this plot had gone to great lens to cover their tracks. the purchase of the vehicle with cash. no signatures, no paper trail. the fact they chose a vehicle with the tinted windows, because they understood that would limit the possibility of cameras picking up a suspect. it seemed premeditated in that respect. >> greta: we've seen the tape shown multiple times. do police link him at this point? is he the person -- >> reporter: i do not have any information that the person we see in that tape is one in the same with the person of interest. >> greta: i guess it is obvious, it is crowded in times square. >> reporter: as you know from working as a prosecutor or evidence gathered after the fact doesn't create the picture of what happened at the time. >> greta: there's so many cameras in times square you can't pick a dumber place you
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are going to get caught. there are so many cameras there to catch you. >> reporter: given what i was lead to believe the level of premeditation, i'm offering this out there, one would expect this individual did some kind of reconnaissance or skin of dry run. here we are 48 hours later and we don't have a picture of the person we believe definitively is the suspect in the case. >> greta: except law enforcement proubably does because they tracked the vehicle. they know who bought the vehicle, no doubt all the conversations they've grabbed those. it is sort of striking how lucky we . it is like christmas day with that plane. how lucky that these are failed bombings. >> one of the toughest things to do is the detonator. more often than not the detonator takes the most hands-on experience and practice. what we've seen in this event and at telled christmas day bombing. there seem -- the attempted christmas day bombing there
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seemed to be a significant bomb but the failure of the detonation was the undoing. >> greta: who is taking charge? >> reporter: the feds. >> greta: everyone -- right now the suspicion this is imported to this country? >> reporter: exported to this country. terrorism is a very hot word politically. as you probably know when someone was in the law enforcement community uses the word terrorism, it has to meet a legal -- threshold or definition has to be an act of violence to promote a political end or means. >> greta: i use it a lot loosely when you are trying to blow up people. as much as i like legal definitions. when you try to blow people up in a crowd sitter . i hope we get this fellow quickly. thank you. everyone is reporting who walked out of the united nations today when president ahmadinejad started talking. don't you want to know who
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stayed? and doesn't that tell you something. ambassador bolton is next. and tim pawlenty is here. that is coming up. plus a wild night in washington. president obama becomes the comedian in chief at the white house correspondents dinner. f-bombs and the cast of jersey shore are all part of the story. ♪ three decadent flavors. 60 calories. it's me o'clock. time for jell-o. [ male announcer ] there's one reason why over the past 100 years generations of men have trusted gillette. when it comes to shing, we've given them our best. and on june 6th, we'll give them somethg even better.
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. >> greta: who just sat there? who decided to listen to the iranian president ran at the united nations? president ahmadinejad spoke about iran's nuclear program at the u.n. today. by our count nine nations walked out: united states, france, britain, germany, new zealand, ireland, finland, netherlands and the
10:21 pm
czech republic. who stayed and why? john bolton joins us live. good evening. who stayed? >> there are 192 members of the so it was pretty much everybody else. i think that shows what moral -- somebody like ahmadinejad can come to the united nations, denier of the hall cause, -- holocaust, not only gets a respectful, but warm growthing from basically the state's start to the -- party to the nuclear nonproliferation. that doesn't tell you about the ahmadinejad that tells you about the way the u.n. works. >> greta: when you think about the small percentage of the people who walked out and the balance endorsed him. the whole point of the meeting was to talk about the treaty and whether it should be
10:22 pm
revise or amened seems they were willing to embrace him. >> in the u.n. system everybody is equal it is called southern equality. moral equivalent says you don't want to single anybody out with the exception of united states and israel this is why iran was just elected on the commission for status for -- -- commission on status for women. >> greta: president ahmadinejad the only head of state at this meeting? >> right and very unusual. i think it shows he wanted to make a special effort to divert attention from iran by focusing on israel's nuclear capability and the alleged sins of the united states. most of us in the united states when we hear ahmadinejad speak we think he's not converting anybody. i would say on balance that speech was more temperate than
10:23 pm
one expects i think he did pick up support. >> greta: china and russia sat there. is there some place else there's negotiating going on about whether to impose sanctions on iran. i'm trying to think what signal that sends if they are willing to sit there? >> i ran knows what the text or the current draft is because the russians and chinese are telling him on any given day. >> part of what was interesting in reading ahmadinejad today was how confident he looks. he knows the sanctions have already been watered down. he knows the final outcome will not be much of a constraint on iran. he was feeling good today. >> greta: why did he come? if he already has china and russia, why did he come? >> i he wanted to build up support the other countries. i think he can say i'm demonstrating how important this is. i don't doubt there was some
10:24 pm
domestic iranian politics involved. it is not a bad stage in front of that podium at the u.n. general an stem all in all he saw it as a plus for him and his policy. >> greta: i know you are part of that other administration i'm not trying to get to you give me a gimme. what is our current strategy with iran? >> we don't have a strategy with iran. >> greta: if the president were here now what would he say? >> we are building a consensus to isolate iran. iran has been isolated on four resolutions, three sets of sanctions. they couldn't care less about being isolated. consider which country is more isolated and more economically deprive? north korea or iran? who has nuclear weapons already? north korea. it has not worked. you can have all the international solidarityy you want iran is close to the finish line after 20 years of effort of getting a nuclear
10:25 pm
weapon. that's why i think the obama's administration policy is accept iran with nuclear weapons and hope it can be -- contained. >> greta: secretary clinton, i don't know her hands are tied or she thinks sanctions will work. >> the hawkish rhetoric is cover for inaction. nobody should draw comfort from tough words because words don't affect ahmadinejad. the only thing that would affect him is constraining iran's nuclear weapons program. words don't do a thing on that score. >> greta: i would have been more optimistic we might be headed in the right direction. i guess it is unreal list lick to expect russia and china to walk out. >> that's why secretary clinton said today we've had trouble getting shuns. we need automatic penalties when the nonproliferation treaty is violated. there's nothing in the world
10:26 pm
history of multi-lateral organizations that is automatic. when she says something like that is designed to show she tough that's not statesmanship that's political rest rick. >> greta: i wouldn't want under my watch that iran becomes a nuclear weapons state. >> it is going to happen soon. >> greta: not my watch, the president. ambassador, thank you. next governor tim pawlenty comes to washington. why? while everyone is talking immigration he has something else on his mind. he gives you the story, next. if you are scared about the size and power of government we found something that might scare you more. we are going to show you what we mean. senator santorum is here to go on the record about it. ya know, i'm really glad we finally decided to see where raisin bran crunch is made.
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>> greta: government tim pawlenty in washington today. he joins us live he's back
10:30 pm
home in the state of minnesota. good evening governor. >> good evening greta. >> greta: why were new town today? >> hosting a summit in conjunction with the u.s. chamber of commerce called enterprising states. talked about the need for states to play a more aggressive, wise proehl in job creation in this country and celebrating the fact that states are more dynamic, more entrepreneurial than the federal government we need to chart the course for economic development because the federal government isn't doing it. >> greta: one of the ideas ideas is to reduce state business taxes. why states never compete with each other in trying to out lower to steal business from another state? >> i think if everybody focuses on having a positive job and business climate it is a competition against each other overall going to lower tax burdens in the country that's good.
10:31 pm
foe states being the laboratories of democracy, let them try new things, they are quicker, more entrepreneurial. there's a general rule states that have lower taxes and cost structures had more jobs and weather the recession better than states that had high taxes our own research bears that out. >> greta: it seems to make almost sense. the solution to everything in a pure sense is lots of jobs. high unemployment rate, 9.7%. how do you get jobs? businesses come to your state. great way to get business to come make it a nice economic environment, you lower the taxes. at least i would lower my taxes vis-a-vis the states around me. i've never understood why there's that high business tax. the more jobs the more income revenue to the state and federal government. >> it is not rocket science.
10:32 pm
if you ask business people not just large businesses but medium-sized and small businesses and people who would like to start businesses they tell what the secret to their success and what the barriers may be. they say keep my costs competitive as mesh you sured by taxes, regulation, insurance, permitting, energy and health care costs. keep those costs down don't price out of the market. states that do that attract more jobs. there's other things including having a workforce that is skilled and educated so places like minnesota have an advantage there. we also celebrate innovation, experimentation, invention, there's the kinds of things that give us a advantage compared to the rest of the world. america still is the create sieve engine. fostering institution and activities that gives people inventive spirit, training, -- training background helps. that's what the study showed also.
10:33 pm
>> greta: usually the chamber of commerce, as a republican organization. your summit today was bipartisan, seven governors, some democrats, some republicans. as you examine what works in different states. now the question is, what are you going to do? >> well, in my state minnesota do well in some categories not well in other categories. our costs immediate to come down our tax rates need come down. achieved a 30 year goal getting minnesota out of top 10 in taxes but more needs to be done. in other states where there's been democratic governors, tennessee is a more business-friendly state. get a democrat. >> you bet. pro business, pro jobs democrat. he's done a great job. tennessee is an example of one of those states that are getting higher waged jobs and experiencing good growth.
10:34 pm
get -- >> greta: why is maryland doing so well? every state is struggling, why is maryland a top performer? >> each state has its own strengths. maryland has a closeness to washington, d.c. and that all that implies in terms of government one of the things that's unfortunately growing. they have strength in research, health sciences, johns hopkins, they've got a cluster of health sciences and research one of their strong assets that helps them a great deal. >> greta: if you look at different states the chamber of commerce each state does have a different industry and tphaoefpd the needs in florida is different than minnesota. -- the needs in florida is different than minnesota. >> we did a study in minnesota where money and people went from 2010 -- 2003 when i game
10:35 pm
governor until 2008, money and people are migrating south and west because of in large part those are more competitive states from a business and jobs standpoint than the rest of our states including the great lakes states like mine have to be competitive we have to lower our costs. >> greta: your unemployment rate march 20107.4% down from where it was 8.1% march, below the national average. why is minnesota 7.4%, which i'm sure is the envy of many states? >> in the first year the obama administration as a percent of our overall job base we lost the smallest percentage of jobs, i think in the country. we have a highly educated workforce. inventive and high-tech economy. also diverse from agriculture to medical devices. we've got it spread around a little better than many other states. it doesn't rise or fall as hard as other parts of the country paw because of
10:36 pm
over-reliance on one economic sector. >> greta: the stimulus program how much has it helped you? >> mostly sustained government. one thing the report addressed. we could have gotten more bang for the buck aimed at tax cuts, cutting payroll tax, focusing on nonporking, that is not what the stimulus bill the president and congress took it off in a very bad direct. >> greta: governor, thank you, hope you join us again soon. here'>mcy what is coming up on the o'reilly factor. bill: greta, what is the truth about the arizona immigration bill, is it racist? we will have a major factor investigation coming up on that. >> greta: major knack for investigation o'reilly is back! he's at 11 p.m.. we are live until the top of the hour. next, you have curtains?
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get next former senator rick santorum. but first our new york newsroom with ainsley earhardt. >> reporter: word just coming in the death toll from storms
10:41 pm
and flooding hitting the southeast rising to 28. in nashville two more bodies were found late monday. more than 13 inches of rain fell over the weekend. streets, houses and businesses under water. the storms spawning tornadoes in tennessee, mississippi, kentucky. thousands taking refuge in emergency shelters. london-based bp could end up paying billions. one analyst estimating the company might have to shell out 15 billion in cleanup and damage claims. bp was drilling the well that is now spewing 200,000 gallons of oil everyday. the company says it will pay to mop up that slick which is mostly off the coast of louisiana. i'm ainsley earhardt. we now return to greta. >> greta: next the best of the rest. kim kardashian, justin bieber and on the record are part of the same story.
10:42 pm
we have evidence we are going to show you. could governor -- i'm going to save best of the rest. i'm going to first go to you. we have great video i want to show you. we have a tape we are going to show. i need to have you talk about it before we do anything else. senator santorum is going to talk about this tape. the pennsylvania department of revenue, yes it is a little creepy >> your name is tom. you live just off of fifth street nice car, nice house what is not so nice is you owe pennsylvania $4,212 in back taxes. tom we could make this easy pay online by june 18th, and we'll skip your penalty and take half off your interest. tom, we do know who you are. >> greta: okay are you scared? that is wear. what is it with your state? >> that's embarrassing.
10:43 pm
it is 1984. talk about big brother. this is what people are afraid of when they see this growth of government combined with technology. this is scary stuff. i assume this is fictional that isn't a real person, real person's house. >> greta: they can google your house. >> i'm sure you can. for the purposes of this ad i'm sure that wasn't a real person. but it shows you the -- what could happen in the future as government gets more and more control of our lives. >> greta: this is pretty scary. this looks fictional. the truth is the irs isn't always pretty to deal with. this is state taxes. they will come out and take everything you have. they will lock down your accounts. >> the only hope we have is incompetence. >> greta: that's terrible. >> but it is true. you can count on bureaucracy not to work hard or be particularly competent.
10:44 pm
if they are then what you saw here is a capability they have to be able to do what they said. >> greta: it destroys lives in some of the ways that people -- people get behind in their taxes, a lot of people get behind. not everybody is a crook some people can't make it. >> the interesting thing is, this is an amnesty program. to say you owe and we are going to give you amnesty. we are not going to charge you penalties, just interest. we are going to charge you half the interest that you would otherwise owe. it is actually a plan that the legislature put forward to collect money from people saying we are going to be nice to you. they run an ad that looks like, as i said sort of george orwelcoming after you. >> greta: that is horrible i'm talking about the ones that can't make a go of it. they've got children, for whatever reason they've gotten into a mess with the economy, especially small businesses if they haven't paid the taxes it is a nightmare and it can be
10:45 pm
cruel. >> i agree and i think that's why the state of pennsylvania did what they did, they passed a bill. to entice people to come in and say we understand you could be going through a tough time we've had a tough time in this country here's an opportunity to settle up without a lot more pain than paying what you owe to run an ad that is anything but kind and warm and fuzzy to get people to pay is the wrong way to go. >> greta: that state just to you jump over to the feds, our federal tax code, will we see a time that it is revised that people understand? senator greg and widen have a bipartisan bill to fix it. will congress ever fix it? >> i will say congress will fix it when things get so bad that it is popular enough to fix it. i think we are reaching a point because of these huge deficits and the pressure we have to deal with that deficit,
10:46 pm
i think we'll see opportunity here to do something dramatic on the spending side and hopefully dramatic on the tax side. >> greta: what's to stop it? you have a democratic and republican senator and everybody says the irs tax code is incomprehensible why not do it? >> every provision is attached to somebody who benefits. the home interest deduction, that's the largest single thing that and the deduction, if you will, for health insurance. those are the two biggest tax deductions that are there. they are there because there are special interests that are behind it. they are there also because it is a public policy that the government says we want people to buy homes, buy insurance and we going to create incentives. the big complexy is congress saying we want to incentivize you to do certain behavior and that makes it more difficult to repeal. >> greta: thank you senator. we have the best of the rest coming up.
10:47 pm
could governor sanford's affair make him a criminal? you know michigan lawyer geoffrey fieger is. is he about to be governor geoffrey fieger? and justin bieber and kim kardashian making headlines and on the record stuck in the middle of this one. provides critical financing to more than 300,000 growing companies. ♪
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest. south carolina governor mark sanford might be a bad husband even unprofessional. tonight we know not a criminal. the south carolina attorney general says governor sanford will not face criminal charges. after an investigation into ethics complaints against the governor. the governor has been under intense fire since add mighting to a secret trip to argentina to visit his mistress who he called his soulmate. the south carolina attorney general says there is not enough evidence to support criminal charges including the governor used state aircraft for personal reasons. in march, the governor paid $74,000 to resolve civil charges. geoffrey fieger is very well known for being a success youful and flamboyant lawyer for representing dr. kevorkian and unsuccess fully running for governor of michigan in 1998. don't dust off those signs yet
10:52 pm
you have in your basement he's not running for governor in 2010. he was leaning towards another run but says because he's outspoken it would be easy for professional politician to make him the issue in the race. fieger adds he thinks a democrat needs to be elected again in michigan in 2010. if you have been following us on twitter, which we know you have, you know that one of our special guests at white house correspondents dinner was none other than kim kardashian. at the dinner we ran into teen heartthrob justin bieber. after the meeting he tweeted a picture of himself with kim with a message look it is my girlfriend kim kardashian. kardashian responded, i officially have bieber fever. maybe we are on the record matchmakers. kim was smart and gracious, a fantastic guest. we are sure she will go on the record soon.
10:53 pm
there you have the best of the rest. still ahead, if you missed it, you missed a wild night. president takes the stage. and your only tease, get out the -- [ wheezing ]
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reduces puffiness immediely, and also helps with lines and wrinkles. not surgery. this is our way to do your eyes. regenerist anti-aging eye roller. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights. it's time. last call. commander in chief becomes
10:57 pm
comedian-in chief at the white house corresponds dinner. >> i wasn't sure i should actually come tonight. bidey talked me night. he leaned over and he said mr. president, is no ordinary dinner. this is a big [ bleep ] meal. i'm most pleased michelle accompanied me. she doesn't always go these things. and... there are a few things in life that are harder to find and more important to keep than one. well, love and a birth certificate. some republicans have suggested that the bill contains a few secret permissions. that is rid dick list. there are no few secret pro
10:58 pm
visions in the health care plan. there are, like, hundreds. tonight, in the interest of transparency, i'd like to share a couple. let's see. this pro vision is called the bay state of denial. it reads this bill shall cover short term memory laws related to the passage of massachusetts health care reform g news, mitch. your condition is covered. this next pro vision is calle called... the jersey shorea. it reads the following individuals should be excluded from the indoor tanning tax within this bill. snooky. j-wow. the situation, and house minority leader john boehner.
10:59 pm
this pro vision ought to put a common misconception to rest. it says if you do not like the ruling of your death panel, you can appeal. unfortunately john mccain couldn't make it. he claimed he'd never identified himself as a maverick wex know what happens in arizona when you don't have id. adios, amigos. >> and both sides can agree he was funny. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. thanks for joining us tonight. make sure you follow us on twitter go. to slash greta i posted a poll on greta go load the poll. keep it here on fox news ch


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